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This e mail must list team members this e mail must

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Unformatted text preview: matic team members are the team's responsibility – instructor will not get involved or grant special exceptions. • Required notification • If you will be performing this project as a team, you must e-mail instructor by 04/01. This e-mail must list team members. This e-mail must also CC all other team members. • Failure to provide advance notice means that all students must submit separately. • Submitted work will be graded identically to individual submissions. last revision date: 2010.02.28 (P4_assignment.doc) page 6 of 7 HSA4170.Spring 2010 3.4 Healthcare Finance Project 4 &5 Assignment Grade Sheet The following table summarizes grading criterion. A commented copy of this table will be pasted into each paper. Category Comments Minimum requirements • • • • • Prose • Depth • Theory Application TOTAL • last revision date: 2010.02.28 Points Timely submission - Due 04/08, 6:00 PM. See syllabus for late submission penalties. Appropriate length – No minimum or maximum. Basics: grammar, spelling, etc. (of 50%) Writing style • Was it easy to understand? Ability to explain in common terms very important. Try not to use technical explanations or finance jargon. Formatting • Headings? (IE: Could a reader make sense of what issues were being addressed) • Tables and exhibits? (Though not required, be sure to format well and label accurately if include.) (of 30%) Cover in adequate depth. • Did you correctly address at least the minimums specified in sections 3.1 and 3.2? Display understanding of theory. (of 20%) • Ratio mechanics, etc. (of 100%) (P4_assignment.doc) page 7 of 7...
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