Your explanation can use hypothetical numbers but

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Unformatted text preview: actors should be checked.) • Can you explain why the measure is above/below industry standard? Try not to rely on the technical equation, but find a simple way to explain. (Your explanation can use hypothetical numbers, but please indicate as such.) • What is the 1998-2002 trend (up, down, steady, fluctuating)? • Is the trend good or bad? (IE – is it heading in the right direction?) • Can you explain why the measure is moving in a given direction? last revision date: 2010.02.28 (P4_assignment.doc) page 5 of 7 HSA4170.Spring 2010 3.2 Healthcare Finance Project 4 &5 Assignment Project Requirements • You will be graded exclusively on submitted Word document. As such, that document should address the following: • Your ability to explain to non-finance people is important, so grammar and understandability count. • Unlike academic papers, the use of bullet points is acceptable. Just make sure sentences still make sense. • For each ratio you select, include a 'mini worksheet'. This worksheet shows the ratio over time, components of the ratio o...
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