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Unformatted text preview: e if the increased deductibles are coming more from inpatient or outpatient. last revision date: 2010.02.28 (P4_assignment.doc) page 2 of 7 HSA4170.Spring 2010 2.2 Healthcare Finance Project 4 &5 Assignment Project Requirements • You will be graded exclusively on submitted Word document. As such, that document should address the following: • Your ability to explain to non-finance people is important, so grammar and understandability count. • Unlike academic papers, the use of bullet points is acceptable. Just make sure sentences still make sense. • For each ratio you select, a 'mini worksheet' is needed. This worksheet will show the ratio over time, components of the ratio over time, % change in ratio and components over time, and common-size of components over time. It should be formatted so it is easy-to-read (IE – not so wide that all the numbers are small). Such an exhibit would make it easy to guide the reader through the analysis of the ratio. • For at least one of the rat...
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