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Unformatted text preview: y be better off if Chrysler folded and the nation’s unemployment rate went up another half of one percent overnight? Would free enterprise really be saved if Chrysler failed and tens of thousands of jobs were lost to the Japanese? Would our free market system really be more competitive without the million­plus cars and trucks that Chrysler builds and sells each year. ..we explained (to the government) that we really are an amalgam of little guys, we’re an assembly company. We have 11,000 suppliers and 4,000 dealers. Almost all of these people are small business men­not fat cats. We need a helping hand­not a hand out.” Example Example “I call this equality of sacrifice…It wasn’t the loans that saved us, although we needed them badly. It was the hundreds of millions of dollars given up by everyone involved. It was like a family getting together and saying, “We’ve got a loan from our rich uncle and now we’re going to prove that we can pay him back.” How do you learn to lead? How do you learn to lead? Trial and error Observation Education...
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