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Ostatestudies1950s initiatingstructuretaskoriented

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Unformatted text preview: osite ends of a continuum Behavioral Behavioral Ohio State Studies­1950s Initiating structure­task oriented Consideration­people oriented Each behavior independent Contingency approaches Contingency approaches Least preferred co­worker Earliest approach Appropriate style varies with situational favorableness Most and least favorable task oriented Moderate is relationship oriented Leadership style is fixed for individual Contingency approaches Contingency approaches Path goal Extension of expectancy theory Primary function of leader is to clear path so employees can accomplish their goals Make valued rewards available Leadership style not fixed Six leadership styles Six leadership styles Coercive Authoritative Democratic Affiliative Pace setting Coaching Transformational leadership Transformational leadership Changes not exchanges Communication important Genuine commitment Communication techniques Communication techniques Amplify values Use metaphors and analogies Use symbols Example Example “We were asking (the government): Would this country reall...
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