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-Buddha questions suffering -Siddhartha, goal is to eliminate suffering 2500 years ago he gave up everything looking for enlightenment, takes 35 years to reach nirvana, and then spends 40 years teaching others, In Buddhism you make the rules/goals no authority, no rituals 4 Noble Truths 1. Suffering Exists 2. Suffering arises from attachments to desires 3. Suffering ends when attachment to desires ceases 4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the 8 fold path The Noble 8 fold path 1. Wisdom: Right View: the understanding of the 4 noble truths Right Thinking: following the right path in life 2. Morality: Right Speech: no lying, no criticism, no condemning, no gossip, no cuss Right Conduct: following the 5 precepts i. Do not kill: absence of violence ii. Do not steal: economic exploitation iii. Do not lie: name calling, gossiping iv. Do not misuse sex: sexual harassment, adultery v. Do not consume alcohol or other drugs: clear the mind Right Livelihood: do not harm anyone in the way you support yourself
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Buddhism Notes - -Buddha questions suffering-Siddhartha...

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