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Day 24_Goldstein Lecture What is Development

1999 this observation constitute a significant

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Unformatted text preview: nd delivery vasodilatation (Davet et al., 1999). This observation constitute a significant portion of the pis similar natalreports of increased ANP in the astronauts, presumably renatal and to environments. Over the course of gestation, episodes of related to by tactile and vestibular stimulation are likely amplifiedinflight fluid shifts. Fig. Fig. 3. Video images of neonates taken during the vestibular Fig. Fig. 4. 3. Video images of P3 P3 neonates taken during the vestibular 4. Perc headhead righting “water-immersion response.”: Top: single neonate im- posture righting “water-immersion response.” Top single neonate im- posture dur mediately afterafter release into water bath. Bottom: eacheach neonate’s water-i mediately release into the the water bath. Bottom: neonate’s water-imme bodybody position on reachingbasebase oftank. Left:Left: neonate that that vs. Syn position on reaching the the of the the tank. Syn Syn neonate Flt Flt vs. successfully achieved righting. Right: Flt :neonate (a nonresponder). respectively successfully achieved righting. Right Flt neonate (a nonresponder). respect The advantages of immaturity Limited visual acuity enhances face recognition Poor motor control learn about the physical world by acting on it Short arms facilitates word learning...
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