Day 24_Goldstein Lecture What is Development

The fetus and newborn are normally exposed we have

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Unformatted text preview: on, 1988; D. the fetus and newborn are normally exposed, we have begun Walker, Grimwade, & Wood, 1971). Tactile, kinesthetic, and to e xamin e in the rat maternal c ontribution s to the perinatal vestibula r concomitants of maternal speech, movement, and sensory environment . In contrast to previous studies of rophysiolog y may provide especially potent sources of prenadent m aternal behavior (Beach & Jaynes, 1956; Rosenblat t tal sensory stimulation. Prenatal transduction of these and & Lehrman, 1963; Weisner &L heard, 1933), our observaother forms of sensory stimuli may intensify as birth apMATERNA S CONTRIBUTIONS tion s were made from the offspring's point of view. In proaches (Bradley & Mistretta, 1975). particular, we q uantifie d maternal stimulation of fetal and Early in gestation, the fetus is surrounded by a f luid-filled amnioti c sac that can b uffe r the impact ofssociated. Neaith tneonatal rats blicking g nd dam's activitieimme- gestion a stimulation w r tationdam' s, andadeliveryaotfhepupsandlintge sgoaurinfgthese he , labor y nalyzin h . Thus, h d l o term, there is a dramatic decline in amniotic f lui d volume in studie s to wombq followean q uantitativel y d relation to increases in fetal boddiatelynd nffspring arey from s tihe describe , ualitativel y d dby repeatematery size, a o o deliver Flight Flight 0 Contact righting Contact righting P0 P0 Water-immersion righting Water-immersion righting P1 P1 P3 P3 P5 P5 Female behavior stimulates offspring in utero brief episodes of postpartum licking and handling. During parturition, offspring are also exposed to seemingly hostile forms of stimulation associated with cooling and with compression under the weight of the dam's body. f locornotion General Discussion Our results share many features with previous observations of parturient behavior in the rat (Dollinger et al., 1980; Rosenblatt & Lehrman, 1963; Weisner & Sheard, 1933), and other species (Lickliter, 1985; Schneirla, Rosenblatt, & Tobach...
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