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As time passed streams expanded their drainage areas

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Unformatted text preview: moraines. The low area between the two swamps is an erosional channel cut by meltwater that spilled over a low area on the moraine. This stream was too small to move the larger stones and a lag deposit formed. Other occurrences - Recessional moraines are found throughout the park. They include the Augusta, Montague, and Steeny Kill Lake moraines (plate 1) and they represent places where the retreating margin of the ice sheet halted long enough to build a low ridge of till. 0.0 mi/6.7 mi 2.0 mi/8.7 mi From Stop 8, continue south on Park Ridge Road. Stop 9. Park on left before Parkers Brook bridge. 39 TO 23 Location - Port Jervis South quadrangle. Ridge Road, 3400 feet northwest of the intersection of Ridge and Sawmill Roads Geology – Surficial - Meltwater channel, boulder-lag deposits, and modern stream deposits. Shim ers E AT K ST AR Y P BD TO 23 0.0 mile STOP 8 Bk park here DG RI K AR RD P E STOP 9 bouldery terrace SAW MILL RD Stop 9 2.0 mi N 0 1/2 mile Pa rk er Bk Explanation - Many small valleys and ravines in the park were cut TO 650 by streams discharging from the melting ice sheet. In many places, meltwater channels do not contain modern streams, and in other places the modern streams are underfit (too small to have eroded the valley in which they lie). Typically these channels are floored by bouldery lag deposits, and the modern alluvium only occupies a small part of the valley floor. In some places, bouldery terraces that are higher than the present floor of the channel show the former location of meltwater streams and the margin of the ice sheet. North of the Montague moraine, meltwater channels parallel the course of the moraine and they delineate the former positions of the glacier margin as it retreated northward. Meltwater streams also carried sediment from Kittatinny Mountain down to Flat Brook and Clove Brook valleys where the material was deposited in ice-contact deltas and outwash fans. Other occurrences - Meltwater channels are found throughout the park in areas underlain by thick till, especially in front of the recessional moraines. 0.0 0.8...
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