Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

During the past two million years continental ice

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Unformatted text preview: landscape by deeply scouring valleys, wearing down and smoothing bedrock ridges, hills and slopes, and carrying away soil and loose rock. 519 PARK OFFICE RD Shimers Bk HIGH rs Mashipacong Pond DE CK E TP RTO K Bk POINT PARK W N k Pa rk er B High Point 287 519 N FILE RD CRIGGER RD 1 0 ILS RD ON Sussex Co TO 80 INK RD BR Fo rk Bk ed Bie kill STATE 23 Lake Rutherford (PRIVATE) Clo ve 650 Big Pine Swamp SA WM RD ILL Little Flat Bk Fla t Bk NE W Sawmill Lake mile NE NJ 519 650 Figure 1. High Point State Park and vicinity in northern New Jersey. 2 BEDROCK GEOLOGY Rock Formations High Point State Park is underlain by three sedimentary bedrock formations that trend northeast to southwest (fig. 2). From oldest to youngest they are: 1) the Martinsburg Formation, HIGH POINT STATE PARK BEDROCK GEOLOGY Bloomsburg Red Beds-(Silurian age) red shale, siltstone and sandstone Shawangunk Formation-(Silurian age) white to gray quartzite and quartz-pebble conglomerate syncline or trough Steeny Kill Lake Sb PA R K anticline or arch Lk Marcia Sb Ss RIDGE R D Ss Ss DY NY NJ AB High Point Mon ST AT E BD PA Y RK Martinsburg Formation, High Point Member-- (Ordovician age) gray shale, siltstone and sandstone Omh Cedar Swamp Sb 23 Omh RE Ss OR SU AN SS GE EX CO CO NA TA Sb Ss PARK OFFICE Omh 23 Sawmill Lake Ss Fla t Bk Sb SA WM RD ILL Sb Big Pine Swamp Lake Rutherford (PRIVATE) Omh Ss 650 Sb kill rs Bie Ss Sb Sb Bk High Point Pa rk er Sussex Co Ss mile Omh Ss N 0 650 Sb 1 Omh Figure 2. Bedrock geologic map of High Point State Park. 3 NJ 2) the Shawangunk Formation, and 3) the Bloomsburg Red Beds (back cover). The Martinsburg Formation underlies large parts of Kittatinny Valley and a small area at Lake Marcia (fig. 1). The Shawangunk Formation forms the higher ridges on Kittatinny Mountain, whereas the Bloomsburg Red Beds underlie its western flank. The Martinsburg Formation is Middle and late Ordovician in age and records a history of sedimentation in a deep ocean basin about 462 to 450 million years ago. Martinsburg sediments consist of sand, s...
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