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Excellent examples of cross beds are exposed on the

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Unformatted text preview: Shawangunk outcrops, and in the turbidite sequences in the Martinsburg Formation. 0.0 mi/0.5 mi 0.4 mi/0.9 mi From Stop 1, continue on Scenic Drive. Stop 2. Park on right on gravel road leading to picnic tables. Stop 2 TO MONUMENT N DRIVE IC EN ER R (ONE WAY) 2/10 OAD Geology – Surficial - Small boulder field, and mechanical weathering. Bedrock - Shawangunk Formation. mile STOP 2 PICNIC TABLES park on gravel SC 0 TO MONUMENT 0.4 mile KUS Location - Port Jervis South quadrangle, main ridge of Kittatinny Mountain, 4000 feet north of Route 23, east side of Scenic Drive. 0.0 TOLL Explanation - The small, ovalSTOP 1 mile BOOTH shaped boulder field was produced boulder park field by freezing and thawing. Most PARK table OFFICE table of the boulders were dislodged from adjacent outcrops of the Shawangunk Formation, and fell directly downslope where they were further moved by creep. Over time they accumulated at the base of the slope. Parts of the boulder field are collapsed. This shows that some of the boulders may have previously fallen onto a small block of remnant ice. Some boulders form crude stone circles, and many have been reoriented to a near-vertical position (tombstone orientation), presumably by frost heave and tree growth. Many have also been split apart by root growth and by the expansion of freezing water (fig. 15). 23 The Shawangunk Formation here dips southeastward and forms the eastern limb of the same anticline seen at Stop 1. The northwestdipping limb of the anticline lies on the west side of Lake Marcia (fig. 6). The fold’s core contains the Martinsburg Formation, 26 1 foot fracture Figure 15. Stop 2: Split boulder showing the effects of freeze and thaw along a fracture. which crops out on the eastern side of the parking lot and along the service road leading to the lake. Other occurrences - Boulder fields are found throughout the park in three settings. The first is in hollows, swales, and saddles along the main outcrop belt of the Shawangunk Formation. Here they typically lie below large out...
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