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Holocene an epoch of quaternary period 10000 years ago

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Unformatted text preview: extinct, elephant-like mammals widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere from about 34 million to 10,000 years ago. mechanical weathering - The process by which a rock or mineral is broken down into smaller fragments without altering its chemical makeup; weathering that affects only physical characteristics. member - A geologic unit of subordinate rank, comprising some specially developed part of a geologic formation. Mesozoic - An era of geologic time, from the end of the Paleozoic to the beginning of the Cenozoic, or from about 225 to about 65 million years ago. orogeny - The processes of mountain formation related to the convergence of crustal plates. Permian - The last period of the Paleozoic era; thought to 42 have covered the span of time between 280 and 225 million years ago. Pleistocene - An epoch of the Quaternary period, after the Pliocene of the Tertiary and before the Holocene; corresponding to the cyclic growth and decay of continental glaciers in the northern hemisphere. It began about two million years ago and lasted until the start of the Holocene some 10, 000 years ago. Also known as the Ice Age. pollen - The multicelled spermcarrying reproductive bodies of seed plants enclosed in a protective case (microspore wall). Fossil pollen consists entirely of the microspore wall . Proterozoic - The more recent of two great divisions of the Precambrian from about 1200 to 550 million years ago quartzite - A very hard slightly metamorphosed or unmetamorphosed sandstone, consisting chiefly of quartz grains that have been so completely recrystallized and solidly cemented with secondary silica that the rock breaks across or through the grains rather than around them. glacial drift is interspersed with oval- to irregularly-shaped depressions, troughs, or kettles. rift - A long, narrow continental trough or valley that is bounded by normal faults. It marks a zone along which the entire thickness of the lithosphere has ruptured under extension. roche moutonnee - A sm...
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