Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

In some places bouldery terraces that are higher than

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Unformatted text preview: 3.3 0.4 mi/8.7 mi mi/9.5 mi mi/12.8 mi mi/13.2 mi From Stop 9, continue on Ridge Road. Turn left onto Sawmill Road. Turn right onto NJ 23. End at High Point State Park Office driveway. 40 Glossary alluvial fan - A low, relatively flat to gently sloping mass of loose rock material, shaped like an open fan or a segment of a cone, deposited by a tributary stream at a marked flattening in gradient such as where a stream leaves a mountainous area and enters a plain. anticline - A fold, generally convex upward, of which the core or central part contains older rocks. bedding - The arrangement of a sedimentary rock in beds or layers of varying thickness and character. bedrock - A general term for the consolidated (solid) rock that underlies soil or other unconsolidated surficial material. boreal - Pertaining to the north, or located in northern regions. braided stream - A stream that divides into or follows an interlacing or tangled network of several small branching and reuniting shallow channels separated from each other by branch islands or channel bars, resembling in plan the strands of a complex braid. carbonate - A sediment formed by the organic or inorganic precipitation from aqueous solution of carbonates of calcium and magnesium or a rock consisting chiefly of carbonate minerals, such as limestone, or dolomite. chert - A hard, very finegrained, extremely dense, dull to glassy, crystalline sedimentary rock, consisting dominantly of interlocking crystals of quartz. Cordilleran ice sheet - Pleistocene ice sheet in western North America that covered the northern parts of the Rocky Mountains, Cascade Mountains, and Coastal Ranges extending into Alaska. conglomerate - A coarsegrained sedimentary rock, composed of rounded to subangular fragments larger than 2 mm in diameter (granules, pebbles, cobbles, boulders) set in a fine-grained mixture of sand or silt, and commonly cemented by calcium carbonate, iron oxide, silica, or hardened clay; the consolidated equivalent of gravel. cross-bed - A...
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