Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

In time the ice became thick enough to flow over

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Unformatted text preview: a t t t er rk Pa s t t N mile 1 t ma s High Point s Bk s 0 Lake Rutherford (PRIVATE) t ill rsk Bie s s 650 t tB k SA WM RD ILL Pine Swamp t s Fla t s 23 Sawmill Lake t s t PARK OFFICE t Big s High Point Mon Lk Marcia t t ma t mm DY t t s NY NJ s t msk t Kill Lake s mm t AB K ST AT E BD PA YR thin till and bedrock-till less than 10 feet thick, rock outcrops, and weathered rock mm Cedar Swamp 23 thick till-unconsolidated mix of clay, silt, sand, gravel and boulders greater than 10 feet thick t OR SU AN SS GE EX CO CO RE m Augusta (ma), Montague (mm) and Steeny Kill (msk) moraine-ridge of till deposited at the glacier’s terminus NA TA s msk t s Sussex Co 650 NJ ma ma Figure 11. Surficial geologic map of High Point State Park. region’s southwesterly topographic grain. The Terminal Moraine, which lies 30 miles south of the park (fig. 10), marks the farthest advance of the ice sheet. However, in a few valleys, sublobes of the glacier extended as much as a mile south of the Terminal Moraine. During deglaciation, the edge of the ice sheet thinned and its flow became more controlled by the southwesterly trend of the larger valleys. The Kittatinny and Minisink Valley ice lobes retreated 15 Catskill Mountains 0 CT s d lan NJ gh HIGH POINT STATE PARK 7 nt mo NJ 0 20 miles tal as n CoPlai WA LLP AC K EXPLANANTION large south-draining valleys glacial lake basin Lake Millbrook N AI NT OU uplands M direction of glacial-lake drainage Culvers Lake Lake Owassa 3 Lake Wallkill Augusta spillway NY IN AT TT KI Francis Lake De Y are law NN Lake Stillwater Lake Big Springs er Riv IN TA Y NN Belvidere JU P M O M 1 JE ICE-MARGINAL POSITIONS 8 Sussex margin 6 Augusta margin 5 Culvers Gap margin 4 Sparta margin 3 Franklin Grove margin 1 Terminal Moraine ICE-MARGINAL POSITIONS (local names in Delaware Valley) 8 7 6 5 3 2 Lake Oxford 5 3 Lake Pequest UN 8 6 4 EY TI TA Lake North Chruch Lake Sparta LL VA T KI Lake Hamburg Lake Beaver Run Lake Newton Lake Swartswood 2 NY K 5 C MTHU NC ed Pi 6 PO Hi NY GE area of detail 5 miles 8 RID tn yM tinn Kitta N MA Hu d Loson wl - W an al ds lkil l N P Pl oc at on ea o u NY PA Tri States Millville Montague Dingmans Ferry Sand Hill Church Zion Church Figure 12. Ice margins of late Wisconsinan age showing successive positions of the ice front as it retreated northeastward, location of large glac...
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