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Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

Pa rk in g location port jervis south quadrangle

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Unformatted text preview: tands out in greater relief than the area on its flanks, which is underlain by softer rocks. The small notch near the ridge’s midpoint is Culvers Gap, which was cut by an ancestral stream of the Raritan or Delaware Rivers. View to the east across Kittatinny Valley. The uplands visible across Kittatinny Valley include Pochuck Mountain, Mount Adam, Mount Eve, and the New Jersey Highlands. These areas are all chiefly underlain by granite and gneiss, rocks 28 Culvers Gap Figure 16. Stop 3: Vista from High Point Monument looking southwestward along the curving ridgeline of Kittatinny Mountain. The small notch along the midline of the ridge is Culvers Gap. that are more than 570 million years. Kittatinny Valley forms the broad lowland between the Highlands and Kittatinny Mountain. Its upper part is drained by the Wallkill River, which flows northward and empties into the Hudson River just south of Kingston, New York. Its lower part is drained by the Pequest River and Paulins Kill, which flows southwest to the Delaware River. The valley is underlain by slate and sandstone of the Martinsburg Formation and limestone and dolomite of the Kittatinny Supergroup. The higher ridges and hills in the valley are underlain by slate and sandstone, which are more resistant to weathering than limestone and dolomite. Overall, the rocks that underlie Kittatinny Valley are much less resistant to weathering and erosion than the rocks that underlie the New Jersey Highlands and Kittatinny Mountain. View to the northeast along the curving ridge line of Kittatinny Mountain. The broad upland at northeast end of ridge is the Shawangunk Mountains. The Catskill Mountains, which can be seen only on a very clear day, form a high, jagged upland west of the Shawangunks. 29 View northwest across Minisink Valley to the Pocono Plateau. The uneven upland in the distance is the Pocono Plateau, an area underlain by gently-northwest-dipping, limestone, shale, and sandstone. Extensive erosion of these rocks over millions of y...
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