Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

Park in the driveway on the north side of the

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Unformatted text preview: nce lies a glacially-transported Shawangunk boulder (fig. 20). The steep hillslope above stop 6 is covered with many boulders. Some of these were derived from frost-shattered bedrock that lies just beneath the bouldery mantle. Other boulders, based on their subrounded shape, have been glacially transported. For those who are more adventurous, the Steeny Kill Lake Trail provides a moderate hike down to the Steeny Kill Lake moraine, ending on the north shore of the lake. 0.0 mi/2.9 mi 0.1 mi/3.0 mi 0.4 mi/3.4 mi From Stop 6 parking area, exit and turn right. Turn right at yield sign. Turn left into beach parking area. Park and walk to Stop 7. Stop 7 Location - Port Jervis South quadrangle, East shore of Lake Marcia. Explanation - The rock rubble (talus) that borders the east shore of Lake Marcia consists of angular Shawangunk boulders that were dislodged from rock outcrops by frost shattering, and over time accumulated at the base of the hillslope. LAKE MARCIA KUSER RD Geology - Surficial – Talus. Bedrock - Shawangunk Formation. TO MONUMENT B E A C H STOP 7 BATH HOUSE AND CONCESSION N PARKING REST ROOMS 0 200 feet TO 23 This stop is just east of boundary between the Shawangunk and the Martinsburg Formations. The Martinsburg Formation forms the core of an arch or anticline, and the Shawangunk Formation overlies it. Erosion of the tougher rock of the Shawangunk Formation exposed the softer and more easily eroded Martinsburg Formation forming a small valley where the lake lies. 37 Other occurrences – Throughout the park, talus, made up chiefly of boulders from the Shawangunk Formation, blankets the base of cliffs and steep hillslopes. 0.0 mi/3.4 mi 0.4 mi/3.8 mi 0.1 mi/3.9 mi 0.4 mi/4.3 mi 0.1 mi/4.4 mi 2.3 mi/6.7 mi From Stop 7 parking area, exit and turn left. Toll booth. Bear right onto NJ 23, follow sign to Port Jervis. Turn left, follow sign to Sawmill and Park Ridge Roads. Turn right onto Park Ridge Road. Stop 8. Park on right beyond Shimers Brook bridge. Stop 8 TO MON South 23 swamp RD 0.0 mile RK PA PARK OFFICE N Geology – Surficial -Recessional moraine, drumlins, and swamp deposits. E G RID pa...
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