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Proterozoic the more recent of two great divisions of

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Unformatted text preview: all elongate protruding knob or hillock of bedrock, so sculptured by a large glacier as to have its long axis oriented in the direction of ice movement, an upstream (stoss or scour) side that is gently inclined, smoothly rounded, and striated, and a downstream (lee or pluck) side that is steep, and rough. sandstone - A medium-grained sedimentary rock composed of abundant rounded or angular fragments of sand set in a fine-grained matrix (silt or clay) and more or less firmly united by a cementing material (commonly silica, iron oxide, or calcium carbonate); the consolidated equivalent of sand. rejuvenation - The action of stimulating a stream to renew erosive activity, as by uplift or by a drop of sea level. shale - A fine-grained sedimentary rock, formed by clay, silt, or mud. It is characterized by finely laminated structure that parallels bedding, along which the rock breaks readily into thin layers; the consolidated equivalent of mud. ridge-and-kettle topography – An irregular landscape formed on end moraines in which an assemblage of oval-shaped knolls and mounds, or ridges of siltstone – A fine-grained sedimentary rock formed by silt and having the texture and composition of shale but lacking its fine lamination. 43 surficial – Unconsolidated, residual, alluvial, or glacial deposits lying on bedrock or occurring on or near the Earth’s surface. syncline - A fold, generally concave upward, of which the core or central part contains younger rocks. talus - Rock fragments of variable size or shape (usually coarse and angular) derived from and lying at the base of a cliff or very steep, rocky slope. turbidite - A sediment or rock deposited from, or inferred to have been deposited from, a turbidity current. weathering - The destructive process or group of processes by which rocks and minerals at or near the Earth’s surface are broken down by physical disintegration and chemical decomposition, with little or no transport of the loosened or altered material. tectonic - Said of or pertaining to the forces involved in, or th...
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