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Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

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Unformatted text preview: rmation forms the major ridges of Kittatinny Mountain. Elsewhere, small swamps have formed in small depressions that were formerly occupied by stagnant ice blocks. These features are called “kettles” and they are common on moraines. Broad folds in bedrock occur throughout the park (fig. 2). They are best noted when traversing the park in a northwest-southeast direction, or across the trend of the mountain. When hiking, try to find places where the dip of the rock layers changes from northwest to southeast or southeast to northwest. ALong this change in dip direction a fold axis exists. 0.0 mi/2.4 mi 0.3 mi/2.7 mi 0.1 mi/2.8 mi 0.1 mi/2.9 mi From Stop 5 parking area, turn around and travel toward Monument Drive. Bear right at yield sign. Turn right immediately, follow sign to Interpretive Center. Monument Trail (red/green trail) on right. Circle Interpretive Center. Park in front. Walk to Stop 6. 35 ME N 2/10 T MO NU mile STEPS STOP 6 BLUE L KIL NY L I EE ST TRA GATE STEPS RD NO BRIDGE RS DA park on driveway INTERPRETIVE CENTER SE RR D N WA RD/GN boulder field CE STEENY KILL LAKE MP STEPS TO 23 KU Geology - Surficial - boulder fields, erratics, glacially-scoured rock. Bedrock - Shawangunk Formation, cross-bedding. 0 TO MONUMENT Location - Port Jervis South quadangle, intersection of Monument and Steeny Kill Lake trails, about 1.2 miles north of Route 23. Park in the driveway on the north side of the Interpretive Center near entrance to Monument Trail. Walk northeast on trail (red/ green blazes) to Steeny Kill Lake trail (blue blazes) TRA IL Stop 6 LAKE MARCIA Explanation - The first 1000 feet of Monument Trail follows the rocky crest of a lower, secondary ridge on Kittatinny Mountain. Glacially-scoured Shawangunk crops out on the west side of the trail. 1 foot Figure 20. Stop 6: Quartz-pebble conglomerate erratic (Shawangunk Formation) along Monument Trail. 36 Glacial erosion has given these rocks an overall smoothed shape. About 400 feet from the trail’s entra...
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