Witte Hi Pt S P Geology

This was followed by a period 11 000 to 9700 years

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Unformatted text preview: ably because of a rapid change in climate and food source. ECONOMIC RESOURCES There has been limited economic use of the park’s bedrock materials. Minor lead and zinc deposits occur in quartz veins that crosscut bedding in the Shawangunk Formation. The remnants of a formerly active small mine are found in the southern end of the park. A small shaft and dump piles are all that remain. The park obtains material for road and trail maintenance from two small borrow pits in the High Point Member of the Martinsburg Formation. Southeast of the park, near the village of Newton, the Bushkill Member of the Martinsburg Formation was formerly quarried for roofing slate and flagstone. 23 GEOLOGIC TOUR OF THE PARK The following section is a self-guided geologic tour of High Point State Park. All locations are shown on Plate 1 and in smaller maps in this section. For each stop a brief description of the local geology is given. These sites were chosen because they illustrate the park’s geology and are easily accessible. Most of them are near roads, or well-marked trails. Please take only photographs and leave only footprints so that others may also enjoy the park in its natural state. Please note that some park roads may be closed during winter. More information about the geology at these stops is found in the previous part of this booklet. Interval/Cumulative mileage 0.0 mile/0.0 mile Begin at NJ State Route 23 and High Point State Park Office driveway exit. 0.0 mi/0.0 mi Turn left onto NJ 23. Bear right immediately, enter High Point State Park. 0.2 mi/0.2 mi Toll booth. Turn right immediately onto Scenic Drive (one way). 0.3 mi/0.5 mi Stop 1. right. Park on small gravel pad on TO MONUMENT 24 0 mile 1/10 C DR W AY IVE ) SC (O 0.5 mile TOLL BOOTH PARK OFFICE NE EN I ER R PICNIC PAVILLION KUS Location - Port Jervis South quadrangle, main ridge of Kittatinny Mountain, 1500 feet north of Route 23, east side of Scenic Drive. Geology - Surficial - freeze-andthaw weathering, erratics, gla...
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