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Unformatted text preview: osts Unattractive appearance Thesis statement: Using deodorants with chlorofluorocarbon gas will bring the end of world. I. Chlorofluorocarbon gases are contained in most deodorants and released by some factories into the air. II. This gas causes the ozone layer to become thinner and finally disappear in patches. III. The unfiltered ultraviolet rays of the sun cause overheating in the poles of the earth, where the icebergs start to melt. IV. The huge amount of water released from the poles leads to a rise in the sea­level. V. The sea will cover the land and this will be the end of the world. Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Degrees of Certainty Levels of Importance as a result certainly above all because may equally important consequently necessarily finally due to perhaps first if....then possibly initially leads to probably last therefore undoubtedly primarily thus unquestionably second Do Do not assume that just because event A precedes event B, precedes event event caused event event A caused event B to happen. This illogical assumption is called p...
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