In addition the people brought by xrl will definitely

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Unformatted text preview: are delighted with the approval of XRL funding and look forward to the early commencement and completion of the project which benefits Hong Kong ’ economy. s T At present, approximately 60% of via land (i.e. more or less the same HK Section will cost over $60 cross-border passengers who travel proportion as existing rail passengers), billion. Such a huge investment via land prefer rails. The Government it is estimated that the daily passenger has aroused wide public concer n believes that as long as XRL remains flow can be up to 99,000 people under over its cost effectiveness. However, competitive in pricing and takes up normal situations. Academic studies relevant figures have shown that XRL about 50% of the newly increased even suggest that with the continuous in fact provides good value for money. 14 he c onstruction of the XRL cross-border passengers who travel increase in the n umber of visitors to 商薈︱2010年2月 50 years will be $87 billion, with other economic benefits not yet taken into account. E...
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