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Unformatted text preview: lication for XRL as soon as possible. amounting to 163 million people in 2008. According to a survey carried out by the Planning Department of Hong Kong, more than 660,000 visitors, the vast majority of whom are Hong Kong residents, travelled between Hong Kong and the Mainland at least once a week in 2007. As such, a high-speed rail linking Hong Kong to areas throughout the country will definitely benefit local residents. For the industrial and commercial sector, many Hong Kong enterprises are currently operating in the Pearl River Delta (PRD). Their decisionmaking and management personnel CGCC VISION︱FEB 2010 15 環 球 視 野 Global Vision have to travel between Hong Kong and Section of XRL to be completed in enhance the efficiency of business and different regions in the PRD frequently. 2012 will enable passengers to travel trading activities given its coverage Therefore, there is a pressing need for a between the two places in about 30 over the business hubs in the urban highly efficient transportation network. minutes. If the Hong Kong Section is area. With the rail network currently A dedicated rail that runs from the finally aborted, travelers to and from in place, the existing design will a...
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