Last year obama unveiled an express rail network

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Unformatted text preview: cs benefits of general railway projects during 50 years of operation, and the show that the number of cross-border lies in the monetized value of the time total economic benefits generated in visitors who travel via land has more than doubled during the past decade, Joint Statement by Chambers of Commerce to Support the Construction of XRL There has been heated debate in society over the construction of the XRL HK Section. A majority of the industrial and commercial sector is in favor of the construction of XRL and believes that its construction work should be kicked off as soon as possible. In view of this, we join hands with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, th e Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Chinese Manufacturers ’ A ssociation of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chinese Importers ’& E xporters ’A ssociation to issue a joint statement in six local newspapers on 7 January. We have set forth therein the benefits XRL will bring to Hong Kong ’ economic s development and urged the Legislative Council to consider and approve the funding app...
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