Opponents criticize on xrl high construction cost

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Unformatted text preview: llow center of Hong Kong to Guangzhou and Hong Kong will have to take East Rail the West Kowloon Terminus of XRL connects to the nationwide high-speed trains that are opera ted at an average to closely link to the business hubs in rail network is considered a perfect speed of some 70 km/h only, and it will Central, Admiralty, Tsim Sha Tsui and so choice for Hong Kong businessmen. take nearly an hour to travel between on in the future. The XRL terminus is the border and urban areas. The East Citing an example, Under Secretary also close to Airport Express Kowloon Rail Line currently offers both intra-city Station. This, coupled with the new for Transport and Ho using Yau (railway services within Hong Kong) and commercial development at Kowloon Shing-mu said in the future, we can inter-city (KCR through train services) Station, can tur n XRL into a fast travel to Guangzhou by XRL and then railway services; however, such services dedicated passage which offers direct resort to the Mainland ’ rail...
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