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Unformatted text preview: f 50 Million Its trains can run above ground at 300 to 350 km/h, while the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway can run at a speed as high as 394 km/h, making it the fastest railway in the world. By contrast, trains in urban subways run at about 200 km/h. Express rail is also a green mode of transport emitting zero sewage and exhaust One of the significances o f the XRL HK Section is that it helps Hong Kong businesses to tap the Mainland market. According to the study on the position gas. The carbon emission of express rails is approximately 15% and 25% of of Hong Kong ’ cross-border railway s those of airplanes and cars/buses respectively. project published by the One Country Two Systems Research Institute early last year, XRL will expedite the formation 16 商薈︱2010年2月 環 球 視 野 Global Vision of a one-hour living circle in the greater PRD with Hong Kong included. The flow of people and goods within the region will thus be much more efficient. The Four East-west Lines and “ Four South-north Lines ” __________________________________________________________________ Hong Kong's domestic consumer China has a vast territory. Its intertwining express rail network links all provinces service industry will be allowed to and cities together. As of the end of September 2009, China ’ express...
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