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Unformatted text preview: network to s can hardly cope with the transportation access to the business hubs in Hong get to Wuhan, and the whole journey will demand given the heavy passenger flow Kong from Mainland China. On the take approximately 5 hours. Meanwhile, between Hong Kong and th e PRD. contrary, if the interchange station of the Hong Kong Section is located along the if we travel from Hong Kong to Wuhan West Rail Line in the New Territories, if the time for waiting, flight and getting West Kowloon is the Preferred Location for XRL Terminus to the downtown area upon landing are P ublic views are diverse over the urban rail upon arrival at Hong Kong, all taken into account. In other words, proposal of selecting West Kowloon which is operated at a lower speed with for destinations in southern China that as the location for the terminus of the more stops on the way. In this case, by plane now, it will also take 5 hours passengers may have to change for an can be reached in 5 hours, XRL will be XRL HK Section. From the perspective XR...
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