Well as other industries in hong kong as these

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Unformatted text preview: xperience in Europe shows that 20%-30% express rail passengers are additional people flow derived from the express rail, and considerable additional economic activities will be generated as a result. According to statistics of China ’ Ministry of Railways, the total s passenger flow has increased by 86% since the Beijing-Tianjin express railway came into service over a year ago, i.e. in August 2008. In addition, the economic growth rate of the two cities during the first half of last year was higher than the average figure of the whole country. All these give clues that XRL will generate considerable economic benefits in the future. Hong Kong under the Individual Travel passengers can save. Based on the Scheme, the above estimate serves as assumption that the daily passenger Residents and Business Travelers Benefited a conservative figure only. flow of the XRL HK Section is 99,000 Hong K ong residents travel to the people, passengers can save 42 Mainland for work, leisure or family visits A majority of the direct economic million hours on average every year more and more frequently. Statisti...
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