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No More Dead Dogsby Gordon Korman This book has little about dead dogs but is a very entertaining and quick lead. It centers around Wallace Wallace who scored the winning touchdown on his seventh grade football team and his town sees him as a hero; Wallace knows he is not the best on the football field and actually spet the majority of the season on the bench. In eighth grade Wallace writes an opinion piece on a book, Old Shep, My Pal, and the English teacher says it is disrespectful. Wallace cannot just change his opinion because ever since he was younger he has not told a lie. The English teacher then forces Wallace to go to detention until he finishes his book report in a more tasteful manner. Wallace does not and begins to find he has more in common with the drama kids than the football jocks. Wallace soon becomes very involved in the play version of Old Shep, My Paland makes it more exciting for the actors and the audience. Throughout this time someone is
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