GEOG330 World Geography HW6

GEOG330 World Geography HW6 - GEOG330 World Geography HW#6...

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GEOG330 World Geography HW#6 East Asia Assigned: 25 February 2008 Due: 03 March, 2008 1. Taiwan is considered as a “Political entity” rather than a nation or country, because for more than several hundred years it was colonized by different countries or dynasties which created confusion in maintaining the leadership in this island. When Chang Kai Shek(ROC) lost the war with Mao(PRC) he fled to Taiwan where he formed his own party to maintain the identity of Taiwan. 2. PRC stands for Peoples Republic of China and ROC stands for Republic of China. PRC was led by Mao and ROC was led by Chang Kai Sheck. They both had fought a civil war in 1930 to gain control over China. After the Second World War when ROC was beaten by PRC, Chang Kai Sheck fled to Taiwan and formed his own ruling party backed by the U.S. Today, Taiwan has democratized government, whereas China is still ruled by communist party where the people’s freedom is more under the control of government. In Taiwan, Chilung and Hsinchu are some regions of production for the nation’s development. Chilung and Hsinchu are the major location of manufacturing technological goods and steel production in Taiwan. China is regarded as the major production area in the world. China has the highest population in whole world, which creates enough labor forces to enforce its development process. Shanghai and Guangdong which lies in the southeast of China are the major developing areas of the nation. 3.
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GEOG330 World Geography HW6 - GEOG330 World Geography HW#6...

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