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Additionally men as partners success has been

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Unformatted text preview: are made aware of the existence of harmful gender dynamics, as well as the benefits of family planning. To incentivize men to participate in the program, Men as Partners has partnered with local business to establish that participation in the program correlated to a man’s heightened value within the local job market. Due to the impact of HIV in Africa, many businesses value employees that are taking precautions to protect against contracting the disease. Thus, men seeking an advantage in the job market are 5 attracted to the organization. Once men are enrolled, Men as Partners emphasizes participants’ sense of empathy to incentivize them to change behaviors. The Men as Partners initiative takes a human rights approach, drawing parallels between historical discrimination experienced during the apartheid regime and the subjugation of women. This approach cultivates men’s sense of empathy. Like the drive for economic advancement, empathy is a...
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