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Health For All Final Analysis PDF

Here a new gap arises in which organizations are

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Unformatted text preview: drug shortages. There are many innovative opportunities to bridge this gap as exemplified by the work of Supply Chain Management System (SCMS). SCMS has identified and capitalized vital gaps in the storage, transportation and procurement of ARV drugs in South Africa’s ARV scale ­up initiative. Following a decade of AIDS denialism that plagued South Africa until President Mbeki’s resignation in 2008, South Africa has spearheaded one of the 7 largest ARV access and scale ­up initiatives in the world. In order to turn this rapid scale ­up into heightened accessibility for patients, strategic planning to handle an increase in the volume of ARVs. SCMS played an essential role in improving the capacity and capability of local South African personnel involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain. To improve the capacity and capability of local supply chain players, SCMS established Warehouse Operations Management (WOM),...
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