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Participants learn to recognize the direct impact of

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Unformatted text preview: training with microfinance loans for income generating projects, to incorporating HIV safety education into highly entertaining and culturally specific television series. This approach provides a more effective and sustainable model in comparison to cash ­based incentive programs, in that the flow of money ceases following researchers primary collection of necessary data. It has been found that in cash ­based incentive programs, study participants often revert to previous behavior patterns following the programs termination. Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS & Gender Equity (IMAGE) initiative has internalized the idea of incentives to induce behavioral change. IMAGE seeks to mitigate gender inequality, a proximate cause of HIV/AIDS, by pairing female ­empowerment training with microfinance loans granted specifically to women. While the organization is innovative in recognizing the link between risky sexual interactions and financial reliance on men, IMAGE has established a microlo...
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