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Rather than setting up health centers that requiring

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Unformatted text preview: mile’ distribution of information and care to local individuals and communities. Enabling local interaction is not a simple process. Many circumstantial and psychological barriers exist, and are unique to each community. Here, a new gap arises in which organizations are innovatively overcoming daily obstacles to healthcare distribution. In the midst of the daily buzz of working, parenting and home keeping, there is little room to prioritize time ­consuming trips on dilapidated routes to address health concerns. Lesotho, located in Southern Africa, has the third highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in the world; nearly 23% of the adult population is HIV positive. The primarily obstacle to healthcare distribution resides in the aggressively mountainous Lesotho terrain, only ¼ of inhabited Lesotho has paved roadways (Lesotho Review, 2011). Hence, a significant proport...
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