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Similar to image and men as partners programs pmc

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Unformatted text preview: deeply rooted driver of behavior change. Thus, Men as Partners is creating a sustainable and replicable model for system change. Like IMAGE, Men as Partners has accessed and utilized effective incentivizing strategies to achieve impact. Not only are men more likely to find abuse or coerced sex unacceptable after the workshop, they also are more likely to report using condoms. Additionally, Men as Partners’ success has been thoroughly exhibited by evidence indicating that extended families and friends of participants are also influenced by the changes in men’s actions and attitudes towards gender and sex. Taking a more timely approach to addressing behavior change, Population Media Center (PMC) produces serial soap operas utilizing media theory developed by Miguel Sabido in the 1970s. The soap operas, which air on TV and radio, take viewers on a journey, allowing them to see and intrinsically experience the consequences of good and bad behaviors and deci...
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