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The first level of hivaids intervention concentrates

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Unformatted text preview: ive healthcare infrastructural systems, can dramatically inform and enhance the Ashoka mission of procuring health for all. The following analysis examines various organizations intervening across multiple levels of intervention, which are creating impact in the context of HIV/AIDS. The first level of HIV/AIDS intervention concentrates on the macroscopic determinants of health and wellbeing. The second level, on preventative health strategies addressing common risk factors associated with HIV/AIDS through behavior change. Finally, the third level of intervention concentrates on improving supply chains, access systems and delivery systems by developing healthcare infrastructure. Within each level of intervention, patterns or trends in innovative strategies are identified and examined to emphasize how 2 organizations are creating sustainable and scalable impact in the context of HIV/AIDS in Africa. This unique insight is intended to provide Ashoka with new information regarding emerging strategic trends, presenting the opportunity for Ash...
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