No one is allowed to leave the classroom during the

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Unformatted text preview: No one is allowed to leave the classroom during the last 10 minutes of the exam. Question 1. SQL (Structured Query Language) (Total 20 marks) Please use the ER Diagram on the following page to answer this question. (Continue on next page) longtitude date SHIP_MOVEMENT latitude time M history type tonnage hull 1 shipName M 1 SHIP SHIP_TYPE type owner M M startDate homePort visits continent name endDate 1 portName N 1 in M STATE_COUNTRY PORT SEA_OCEAN_LAKE on M 1 name (a) [5%] Provide a list of ships and their owners that sailed in the month of June 2006. Show only the ship’s name and owner’s name. The names MUST appear only ONCE in the list. Your answer must appear like this: Ship Name Owner Name ---------- ----------- Jolly Roger Neptune Lines The Ripper President Shipping (b) [5%] Provide a list of ship types and the number of ships of that type currently in the database. Show only ship type and the numb...
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