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Unformatted text preview: . Identify any partial dependencies. [5%] City → Tax Rate c. Identify any transitive dependencies. [5%] Area → Selling Price d. Redraw your design in THIRD NORMAL FORM (you need not worry about BCNF). [5%] City, Lot Number → Area City → Tax Rate Area → Selling Price Important Note: You are not to enhance or change the data structure in any way. COMM 437 Mid-Term Exam (Fall 2006 Term 1) Page 6 of 7 Question 3. Concurrency Control (10 marks) Consider the following transactions schedule. T1 T2 T3 read (D) T4 read (A) write (A) read (E) write (E) read (E) read (D) write (D) read (A) write (A) read (C) write (C) read (B) read (C) write (E) write (B) read (B) write (C) write (B) (3a) Is the above schedule serializable ? Draw a Precedence Graph to show why serializable or why not (with one sentence explanation). A simple YES or NO will NOT do. . [5 %] T1 T2 T4 T3 This precedence graph above is derived from the conditions set forth by the Test for Conflict Serializability. The arcs (arrows) are shown in the schedule above and used to draw the PG. There being NO cycle in the PG, this schedule IS serializable. (3b) Use Topological Sorting to show the order of transactions. [5 %] T4 T1 COMM 437 Mid-Term Exam (Fall 2006 Term 1) T2 T3 Page 7 of 7...
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