Relational database design and normalization total 20

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Unformatted text preview: (Total 20 marks) Consider the following scenario. You have just been hired by Land and Water British Columbia Inc (LWBC) a corporation owned by the Province of British Columbia to manage crown land (among other duties) in British Columbia. You were given access to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (above) and asked to maintain the spreadsheet as part of your employment duties. This spreadsheet, you were told, contains information about Crown land available for sale in B.C. You are looking of course at fictitious data only for Vancouver and Burnaby (above) but all cities in BC are on this spreadsheet and they are identical in structure and nature to Vancouver and Burnaby. There are no buildings or other assets standing on these lots of land. (Continue on next page) COMM 437 Mid-Term Exam (Fall 2006 Term 1) Page 5 of 7 Required: 1. Prepare (draw) the relational database design that will replace this spreadsheet in FIRST NORMAL FORM, making sure that you, a. Identify the primary key. [5%] City, Lot_number b...
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