437Quiz 5_W2012

To solve ive set up a new key for them valid until

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Unformatted text preview: n’t modify the end date of the keys. To solve, I’ve set up a new key for them, valid until 5/15/13. Feel free to distribute now, or wait until the end of the term – whichever is more convenient. I’ve included this key below, along with instructions for updating a key within Tableau. After these keys expire, the students can get new keys from the Tableau for Students program at www.tableausoftware.com/academic/students. • • Desktop Key: TDN7‐63F1‐6F00‐E925‐4431 Note: You can update a Tableau Desktop key in the application by going to the Help Menu > “Manage Product Keys.” Then close and re‐open the application. End of document Copyright © 2013 William Tan Page 4 of 4...
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