Homework - Vocabulary, singular vs. plural

5 both artists had wives who also were well known in

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Unformatted text preview: r artistic work? \-\ 1~ ~c\<1~~ ~'\t!:J\v 1,&-S f 'cVt -c.-~\ ~ 't., 5. Both artists had wives who also were well known in their own right. Who are they? ')c\1's ;\~vs '{\~\J ~liB'~ (,c.\~ , 2Y<\C\ \'\ \){t~\ \A)\\E ~5 ~~c\~ Ketdo, cr'\tltl-1ۥ r~'\ loU~ ~'lc\ql Vl ~r'\\~\-' F. ;,Que hay en Ia mochila? Jorge, a university student, is cleaning out his mochila. Select the items in the list below that one may logically find in a college student's mochila. (Yz pt. each blank = 5 pts. total) ~ _ _ una puerta _j__ un bolfgrafo una silla una calculadora una mesa _ _ una pizarra _L un cuaderno 1 _j_ un papel unl<ipiz I un telefono m6vil G. Los articulos definidos e indefinidos. Write the translation in English of the following words in Spanish. (Yz pt. each= 2 pts. total) 1. el bolfgrafo ~ ~ l 3. los bolfgrafos 2. un bolfgrafo --~ -\X<(_ __ - "'-- \ 4. unos boligrafos 3/3 -\\tw- 0~1\ I ~IY)Q' ~]~...
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