Homework - Vocabulary, singular vs. plural

Find the spanish cognates for the following words in

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Unformatted text preview: ading and listening comprehension skills. Find the Spanish cognates for the following words in the reading Of) p. 25 of your text (Act. 1-32 Dos artistas importantes) . (11 pt. each = 5 pts. total) appearance citi commemorates conquest experiences c \)~\\Q:~C..i~ famous ': 0\!VIoSO S CI\AOcO Mexican 'M~x\~o paintings \>IC\-\\..McS c <""£{ v.\<;-\ ~ spouse I(X\)Q.(,v~C.\ ~ styles <CSfoSC es · \Q; ~tflo!c Write two more cognates (both the Spanish and its meaning in English) from the reading that are not listed above. (Yz pt. each= 2 pts. total) 1 words that end in "-ity" in English often end in "-dad" in Spanish. 2/3 SlOl Tarea Dfa 4 E. Act. 1-32 Dos artistas importantes. Answer the following in English based on the reading on p. 25 ofthe text. (5) I. Where is Dalf from ? \"\Q-- \\ 2. Wh ere is Rivera from ? 3. How old was Dalf when he died ? 4. How do Dali and Rivera differ with respect to thei...
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