Homework - TF, Phrases, verb choice

5 1 what is celia looking for tjeces e 2 why is

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Unformatted text preview: is Celia looking for? t\Jec.es,\-e 2 . . Why is Celia looking for that?. . t\\~ 0~Wo e-5 ~()~ e~\ud 'l t\f ~~ \ 3. What does Celia study at the university? 0. 0 .OJc_ leV\~ ~\\c ~\L\Q~ \ ~LX>S I 4. What type of work is Rogelio looking for? 5. What does the secretary give Rogelio? n ~ ·hciD'P COO'\D tv"hx c.,.e \e<rji}OS Q.\ (}~ ~ '{)\ },{Y'f[) ~ '\c\e~lt d~ t \.\[)o Ol\Cc ~\J.e -bene 1 e ?lJ\1(0 C. Un estudiante de Malaga. Your family has decided to host an international student from Malaga, Spain. Find out more about Jose Luis by completing the paragraph below with the correct present tense form of the most logical verb in parentheses. (I 0) Me llamo Jo...
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