Homework - Time, Incorrect Information

First answer each of her questions below in the

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Unformatted text preview: in the negative using a complete sentence. Then, write an affirmative statement using a complete sentence based on the correct information in parentheses. Be sure to follow the model closely in your answers, using the correct subject pronoun and the correct form of the nationality in Spanish. Note: the nationality in parentheses is in English. You must provide the Spanish equivalent. (1 pt. correct answer in the negative, 1 pt. correct affirmative statement = 10 pts. total) Modelo: ;,Es Javier Bardem cubano? (Spanish) No, el no es cubano. El es espafiol. 1. (.Es Gloria Estefan puertorriquefia? (Cuban) 2. (.ES Shakira argentina? (Colombian) 3. (.Es Ricky Martin mexicano? (Puerto Rican) Nt;) I e: \ Do es 'f¥'t€X\la'i)Q. , ~\ es Q V\t{\or \\0 ~~0) o. 4. (.Son Gael Garcia Bernal y Salma Hayek esp...
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