1-29 (Theatre Organization)

1-29 (Theatre Organization) - Notes: 1/29/08 Organization...

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Notes: 1/29/08 Organization of the Production Magic 8 weeks (actually a whole year) o Prior to week 1 Show selection (1 year) Considerations o Audience o Script or show o Theatre or facilities o Staff Week 1 Auditions/designs complete Week 2-5 Rehearsals and construction Week 6, 7, 8 Technical rehearsals Paper tech Tech with actors Technical run through (work through the kinks) Tech/dress (people to help actors with clothes changes) Tech/dress (dress rehearsals) Preview (one to three) Opening (critic reviews the show) Run Close/strike (remove all show related materials from theatre) Production Terms: Masking To hide borders, teasers, legs, tormentors Director Coaches performers on meaning and interpretation of play Light Plot Document which provides master electrician with information needed to prepare, and rig all lighting instruments for the show Playwright Author of the play Producer Individual or organization responsible for initiating and financing production and management of the show
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1-29 (Theatre Organization) - Notes: 1/29/08 Organization...

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