UMBC CHINESE 102 Syllabus

No late homework will be accepted one letter grade

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Unformatted text preview: all to the day before it is due! No late homework will be accepted. One letter grade will be deducted (up to 3 letter grades) for each day that an assignment is late (up to 3 days). All students will be divided into five groups on the first day of our class. Each group will give one presentation on the last day we cover a lesson. The group can pick up their own topic, and it must be about Chinese culture or language. On the last day we finish a lesson, at the beginning of class, we will have a dictation, for a total of 6 over the semester. If you are late or sick or otherwise absent, there will be no make-ups. However, the lowest dictation score of the 6 will be dropped in calculating your final grade There are two written tests during the semester, and one final exam. There will be an oral examination, which during final exam week. It will test you on everything studied during the semester. If you are sick, have a family emergency, or are absent for a university-recognized activity, I will schedule a make-up for a test or oral exam (for only the first time, no make-ups for the second), but only in the most urgent and appropriately documented cases. Breakdown of Grading Attendance & Participation Written assignments (hw) Presentation Oral exam Dictations (6, lowest dropped) Tests (two during the semester, one final, each 15%) Total 10% 10% 10% 10% 15% 45% 100% (A:100-90; B:89-80; C:79-70; D:69-60; F: 59-0) Lecture (MW) vs. Discussion (Th) Classes On Mondays and Wednesdays, we will mainly discuss the vocabulary, gramma...
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