UMBC CHINESE 102 Syllabus

Review audio files on bb for dialogue 1 complete

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Unformatted text preview: dialogue in class. Continue studying dialogue1 and learning characters. Review audio files on Bb for Dialogue 1. Complete dialogue 1 exercises in the workbook. Spend extra time on the grammar and language practice on lesson 7. Prepare for the dictation next class. Complete workbook exercises. Wrap up lesson 6 and 7. Prepare for the first test of the semester, given on next Monday. Begin lesson 8, Li You’s Diary. Be prepared to read the text in class. ATTENTION: Special homework for this lesson: your own diary entry (part 1) and your own letter (part 2). Diary entry and letter, along with the character exercises will be due on Monday, Mar. 24. Review audio files on Bb for part 1. Begin lesson 8, part 2 3 All workbook exercises are due in class today. All workbook exercises are due in class today. 3/10 Mon. Lesson 8, part 1 &2 3/12 Wed. Lesson 8, part 2 “A Letter” 3/13 Thur. Practice of Lesson 8 Presentation # 3 3/24 Mon. Lesson 8 Dictation #3 3/26 Wed. Lesson 9, “Shopping” 买东西, Dialogue1 Practice of Dialogue 1 Lesson 9, Dialogue 1&2 Lesson 9, Dialogue 2 3/27 Thur. 3/31 Mon. 4/2 Wed. 4/3 Thur. 4/7 Mon. Prepare lesson 8, “A Letter” for next class. You should begin to write your dairy entry. Continue studying lesson 8, prepare for the next dictation. Complete your dairy and letter assignment Spring Break! Begin lesson 9, dialogue 1 for class on Wed. Practice of Lesson 9 Presentation #4 Lesson 9 Dictation #4...
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