UMBC CHINESE 102 Syllabus

Thursday class however will be devoted to speaking

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Unformatted text preview: r, and characters of each lesson. Thursday class, however, will be devoted to speaking and listening practice. Schedule of classes and assignments Date 1/27 Mon. 1/29 Wed. Lesson Introduction to course, textbooks, and schedule for the semester; new conversation groups for this semester; pinyin and character pop quiz; conversation exercises! Lesson 6, “Making Appointments” 约时 间, Dialogue 1 Assignment Listen to the audio files for the last semester lessons. Begin Lesson 6, dialogue 1. Be prepared to read the dialogue in class! Review audio files on Bb for Dialogue 1. 2 Due 1/30 Thur. Practice of Dialogue 1 2/3 Mon. Lesson 6, Dialogue 1&2 2/5 Wed. Lesson 6, Dialogue 2 2/6 Thur. Practice of Dialogue 2 Presentation #1 2/10 Mon. Lesson 6, Dictation #1 2/ 12 Wed. Lesson 7, “Studying Chinese” 学中文, Dialogue 1 Practice of Dialogue 1 2/13 Thur. 2/17 Mon. 2/19 Wed. Lesson 7, Dialogue 1&2 Lesson 7, Dialogue 2 2/20 Thur. Practice of Dialogue 2 Presentation #2 2/24 Mon. Lesson 7 Dictation #2 2/26 Wed. 2/27 Thur. 3/3 Mon. Chinese movie part I Chinese movie part II TEST #1 3/5 Wed. Lesson 8, “School Life”学校生活,A Diary. 3/6 Thur. Practice of Lesson 8 part 1 Prepare Dialogue 2 for next class. Complete the reading & writing exercises in your workbook for Dial. 1. Continue learning dialogue 2 Prepare for the first dictation of the semester on Mon. Begin lesson 7, dialogue 1. Prepare to read the...
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