UMBC ANTH 211 Syllabi

1 required texts thinking anthropologically philip

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Unformatted text preview: ned in the course. 1 Required Texts Thinking Anthropologically Philip Salzman and Patricia Rice Pearson Prentice Hall Applying Cultural Anthropology 8th Podolefsky, Aaron and Peter J. Brown Mountain View, CA: Mayfield 2003 Ed. Worker in the Cane Sidney W. Mintz Norton &Company, NY Tuhami Vincent Crapanzano The University of Chicago Press 1980 Nuer Journey, Nuer Lives: Sudanese Refugees in Minnesota Jon D. Holtzman Pearson, 2008 Suggested Texts The Life Story Interview Atkinson, Robert A Sage University Paper, 1998 2 Requirements: The following criteria will determine your final grade: 1.) 25% Class participation 2.) 25% Midterm and Final Exam 3.) 25% Fieldwork Project 4.) 25% Reading Ethnography - comparative short reflection papers 1.) Suggestions for achieving course goals and meeting academic expectations Class participation Students are evaluated for their class participation based on: a - Attendance, will be checked at every class session. If you do need to miss class for some reason, you don’t need to notify the instructor in advance, but afterwards and you are responsible for making up all work that you miss. If you miss more than two classes and don’t have a note from a doctor or a legitimate family emergency reason, your grade will be lowered by one grade level. If you miss more then 4 classes your final grade will be F. b – Class discussions, each student is expected to participate in a class discussion of individual essays from the “Applying Anthropology” textbook and ethnographic films. If student has a problem with participation, feel free to talk to me, but you must talk to me in midterm not in the end of semester. c - Note taking, each student is expected to take notes in class, you may use your computer with permission from the instructor, however you are not permitted to be online during this class. Online activity and texting are prohibited during class!!!!! Online activity and in class texting will lower your final grade. Your notes are important base material for term papers...
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