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First exam paper given and is due week 7 week 6 34 36

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Unformatted text preview: The concept of Gift, Horticultural Societies. Functionalism and Bronislaw Malinowski in Trobriand. Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology Chapters: 7,8,10. Week 5 – 2.25. 2.27. Religion, Ritual and Healing. Non- western Religion and theory of ritual. E. Pritchard in Africa: Azande and Nuer. 7 Film: Strangers Abroad: Strange Beliefs. Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapter 29,30,35. First Exam Paper Given and is due week 7 Week 6 – 3.4 3.6. Life History and Cultural Patterns Documentary film: 7UP (35 UP and 48UP) by Michael Apted and documentary Fighter. Worker in the Cane and Tuhami due this week! Written reflection is due 3.4. In class discussion of “Worker in the Cane” and Tuhami. Life History Week 7 – 3.11 3.13 10.8. Ethnographic Research and Ethnographic Texts Analysis. Introduction to methods of linguistic text analysis. First Exam due 3.11 Week 8 – Spring Br. 3.18 3.20 Week 9 – 3.25 3.27 Language, Art and Culture. Cultural Relativism, Franz Boas, Northwest Tribes and Chiefdoms, Kwakiutl - mythology, art and rituals. Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 4.5.6. Week 10 – 4.1 4.3. Psychology and Anthropology, Gender and Sexuality, Life Cycle. Research by Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict. Film: Margaret Mead, Coming of Age. Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 18, 20, 19. Week 11 – 4.8 4.10 Race, Power and Environment Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 11,12,13. Applying Cultural Anthropology: 32,33,34. Film: TBD Week 12 – 4.15 4.17 4.15 Globalization and Transnationalism Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology: 36, 37,38. Global Migration 8 In class discussion of book: “Nuer Journey, Nuer Lives: Sudanese Refugees in Minnesota”. 4.17 Fieldwork project due today Presentations Start. Week 13 – 4.22 4.24 Fieldwork Presentations Exam Paper Given Week 14 - 4.29 5.1 Fieldwork Presentations Week 15 – 5.6. 5.8 Fieldwork Presentations Exam Paper Due Week16 - 5.13 Conclusion on Fieldwork 9 Please print this last page, sign and submit to the Instructor of this course. Based on reading the syllabus and attending the introduction to this course, I am fully informed about the rules and expectations of this class. I am responsible for completing all assignments, attendance and participation in this class. In the event of a missed class I am responsible to make up all missed material. I am fully aware that if I miss more than 2 classes without a doctor’s note, my grade will be lowered one full grade and if missing 4 or more classes I will receive an F. Print your name__________________________________________________________ Signature________________________________________________________________ 10...
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