UMBC ANTH 211 Syllabi

If you have a disability and want to request

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Unformatted text preview: ve as a liaison between faculty members and students regarding disabilityrelated issues. If you have a disability and want to request accommodations, contact SSS in the Math/Psych Building, Room 213 or Academic IV-B wing Room 345 (or call 410-4552459 or 410-455-3250). SSS will require you to provide appropriate documentation of disability and complete a Request for Services form available at If you require accommodations for this class, make an appointment to meet with me to discuss your SSS-approved accommodations. • Course Calendar: Week 1- 1.28 1.30 Introduction to course, syllabus and key concepts in Anthropology. Lecture: The Dimensions of Anthropology in the 19th Century: Cultural Evolution, Baldwin Spencer and his fieldwork in Australia, Hunting and Gathering Societies. Film: “Strangers Abroad: Fieldwork” Lecture: Human Nature Read (this week): Thinking Anthropologically, 1- 50. Start reading: Worker in the Cane and Tuhami (outcome is written reflection due week 5.) See films: The Mission and Rabbit- Proof Fence (suggested) For next week read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 1,2,3 Week 2 – 2.4 2.6 Methods in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnographic interview and Life History, Ethnographic film and Participant Observation. Introduction to Worker in the Cane and Tuhami, and Ethnographic Project. Film: N!ia: The story of ! Kung Women Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 1,2,3. + from: Thinking Anthropologically. Week 3 – 2.11 2.13 Kinship, Marriage and Descent. Torres Strait Expedition, W. Rivers in India. Read: Applying Cultural Anthropology, Chapters: 14,15,16. Week 4 – 2.18 2.20...
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